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Q. What is the process for obtaining funds?

A. We have a brief sign-up page for those interested in raising capital.  The page requires name, company name, complete address, email address, telephone number, website URL, and a space for describing your project. After we review the project and deem it compatible with our goals and capabilities, a member of our coordination team will contact you.


Q. How long does it usually take to receive funding?

A. Upon deciding to take on your project additional information must be obtained and due diligence performed then various documents and web postings created. Once your project is posted there is a defined time period during which investors can pledge funds. If the target number is reached within the set time frame the project proceeds and funds become available to you.


Q. Is it possible to monitor the application process?

A. Yes, you have ongoing access to a dashboard that shows where you are at in every step of the process.  On the dashboard page you will find any requests for additional information and be able to upload and download required documents.


Q. What kinds of projects does ALTZ enable?

A. ALTZ is involved in four categories of investment. They include: real estate, alternate energy, private equity, and liquid alternative assets.

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