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Q. How can I start investing on ALTZ?

A. You begin by signing up to the ALTZ website. This requires basic information including your name, email address, phone number, and zip code. You will be asked to indicate whether you are an accredited investor or aspirational investor. Then you will be prompted to identify the kinds of investments that interest you.


Q. Aspirational or registered investor, what's the difference?

A. Registered investors meet certain SEC requirements including individual earnings of at least $200,000 annually ($300,000 jointly) or having a net worth of $1,000,000.  Only registered investors can participate in ALTZ investment opportunities at this time. Aspirational investors are those on their way to registered investor status. ALTZ recognizes their importance within the investment community and so offers access to our exclusive content and ALTZ community events.


Q. So if I meet the requirements for registered status how will ALTZ know?

A. After indicating that you are an accredited investor you are presented with questions about your preferences, and your awareness of the risks associated with investing. You are then free to explore the opportunities posted on our platform.


Q. What terms are established for ALTZ's investment opportunities?

A. Each opportunity has its own unique terms. Accredited investors are provided with all the terms and related documents associated with each deal.


Q. In what kind of investment opportunities does ALTZ participate?

A. ALTZ provides investors with access to real estate, renewable energy, private equity, and liquid alternative investment opportunities.


Q. What is AIS Master, LLC?

A. AIS Master, LLC is a Delaware Master limited liability company created for the purpose of sourcing and in some instances structuring alternative investment opportunities to be presented to the ALTZ investment community. Remember, the ALTZ platform exists independently of AIS Master. The ALTZ platform hosts investments from many different qualified issuers, and AIS Master is one.


Q. What is AIS Administrative Services, LLC?

A. AIS Administrative Services (AIS Admin) is the managing member of a "Series". A Series is any one of the various alternative investment opportunities presented by AIS Master LLC.  Investors become members of a given Series, and AIS Admin handles certain defined administrative functions and responsibilities associated with the affairs and governance of the Series.


Q. What is the minimum investment?

A. The minimum you can invest can be as a little as $1,000.00, but is typically closer to $5,000 however one of the ALTZ Platform's unique benefits allows you to invest ANY amount above $5,000 for example you can invest $7,892.15.


Q. What is a fractional share?

A. For those investments offered on the ALTZ platform that are held in a "brokerage account", investors may invest any amount above the minimum investment. For example, if the minimum investment is $5,000, you could invest $6,345.45.


Q. What is meant by impact investing?

A. Impact investing can refer to a variety of investment opportunities of varying size and risk. For our purposes, impact investing includes those opportunities that entail positive environmental and social outcomes. For example, clean, renewable energy projects that provide local jobs with positive community economic impact.

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